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Abalone Pens

abalone pens for sale

Handcrafted Abalone Pens - Eye Candy That Writes

These extremely high end handcrafted abalone pens are made with genuine Abalone shell. Each is unique and absolutely stunning! The colors are like those of a color rich rainbow and will certainly be the centerpiece of any pen collection. Each fine writing instrument is eye candy that captures the attention of all nearby.


Abalone Pens a Natural Work of Art

In most cases, unless otherwise stated I buy Pāua Abalone shell from New Zealand you can't beat it for a more intense "Wow Factor." The quality of the laser cut shells is outstanding and will make the abalone pen you purchase stand out in the crowd. Laser cutting of the abalone is preferred because it is very precise and very detailed. Of all the pens you see on our site our abalone pens of among the highest grade pens you'll find here or anywhere. Every pen is rare, one of a kind, and handcrafted on a lathe. Have no doubt special care and attention was given to each as it was professionally made by hand by Mike Trobee.

We normally feature abalone fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. Treat  yourself to something very special. Add a few authentic abalone pens to your pen collection and see how many "Wows" you get.

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