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Acrylic Pens

Acrylic pens are among the world's finest writing instruments. Fine pens don't have to be wood pens. Actually most fine pens in the world are acrylic. Many of the pens on our online pen shop are hand cast by me. I love to cast acrylic pens because you have control over quality control. The pigments are hand selected and blended to perfection. All my pens are custom made with the utmost care and attention. Each pen I make whether acrylic or not is a prized posses ion knowing it will be passed along to someone that has a full appreciation for fine pens.

Every acrylic pen I make is handmade on a lathe. Every step from having an acrylic rod or blanks to writing with the finished pen is all done by pen at a time. Every pen is a "one of a kind" writing instrument you won't find anywhere else in the world. Pens make perfect gifts for this reason. I specialize in only high end pens...each pen you see is of the highest quality you will find...anywhere.

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