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Handmade Fountain Pens

Handmade Fountain Pens

Handcrafted Fountain pens by Trobee Pens make up a wide range of high quality writing instruments with a strong identification, all of which are carefully made by hand. Every model of fountain pen is crafted with the most advanced know-how, using the most precious materials available and both traditional methods and the most sophisticated techniques. A high percent of our sales come from our fountain pen network of loyal customers. (Thank you! are greatly appreciated!)

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TrobeePens fountain pens are handcrafted for those who value individuality and impeccable style. 

All the handcrafted fountain pens you see are the actual pens for sale. Each one was made on a lathe by hand. Fountain pens make great gifts because they show you took the time to buy a writing instrument that was handmade and a one-of-a kind present. All the custom handcrafted fountain pens you see are made to use and to be past down through many generations. Careful attention was given to every detail to ensure you get a writing instrument that is superior quality.

I use many different materials to craft these weiting instruments. Some are exhibition grade wood fountain pens while others are made from lapis, jasper, malachite, azurite, and many other gem quality stone (tru-stone). All the wood pens are usually rare and or exotic woods. I also specialize in extremely high end M3 metal pens. Another poplar favorite are carbon fiber fountain pens and fiberglass pen.  Many of the pens are hand cast. No matter which fountain pen you select be assured that it is a high end writing instrument that was carefully crafted.

In addition to our fine writing instruments we have Private Reserve Fountain Pen Ink. The ink is available in either bottles or ink cartridges. Fountain pen nibs love this ink. It has superior saturation, dries fast, and has great clarity.

We also stock nibs for all pens for sale. The nibs are available in extra fine, fine, medium, large and a 1.5 italic. All fountain pens come standard with a medium nib.  


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