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M3 Composite Metal

What is M3 Composite Metal and Why is it so Special?

M3 pens can be among the most high end pens here or anywhere simply because of the process involved in the making of M3 metal. It is not a cheap process as you find out if you keep reading.

M3, short for Macro-Molecular Materials are part of the new breed of new age designer materials that make everything from the Stealth Bomber to the International Space Station possible.

M3 metal composite  blank - t robee pensThese materials are made with high purity metals and other exotic elements that have been deconstructed to the macro-molecular level, homogenously combined and then reconstructed with highly refined proprietary chemical binders. Metal deconstruction requires very specialized equipment. A Gas Metal Atomizer super heats the metal and then shoots it with water, gas or plasma causing it to explode into molecules of specific shape and size. Heat, pressure and an exothermic chemical reaction cause the molecules to cross link forming a new material with a unique macro-molecular structure. That is how you get M3 metal. It is cut into "pen blanks"  (see photo to the right) and then place on a lathe and "turned."  Turned a pen by hand requires specialized tools and expertise in shaping the blank into shaped suitable for a pen body.

Because the molecules are distributed homogenously through a process known as the Micelle Phenomenon, the new material gains the benefit of all the unique characteristics of the individual components.

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