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Nibs for Fountain Pens

These beautiful fountain pen nibs fit all the fountain pens sold on this site (unless otherwise noted.) They are available in a #5 extra fine (.6mm), #5 fine (.7mm), #5 medium (.8mm), #5 broad (1.0mm), and a #5 italic/calligraphic (1.5) size nib.They feature a 24k and rhodium plating except the calligraphic nib, which is gold plated. Each has a polished iridium point for incredibly smooth ink flow and writing. I adjust each tine by hand so you will have consistent ink flow. The nibs are sold individually to be used with your existing feeder.

Customers that have used these nibs often compare them to or like them better than the high end Mont Blanc nibs. The nibs are easy to install but if you need some help…drop me an email and I will always be glad to help. ( )

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