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About us

Top of the line pens made by hand

Trobee Pens  High Quality Handmade Pens

I'm Mike Trobee and I hand make genuine custom pens. Handcrafting fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens are my passion. Each pen you see is custom and no other pen exists like it anywhere else. Each pen is handmade on a lathe to exact specifications. Every pen I make by hand,  I do with a passion for quality without regard to cost. My goal is to make a work of art that is functional. Many custom pens I handcraft often take days to create and finish. I do not use any automated process. 


Steps involved to get it right and flawless

Each pen I make is done in the Trobee Pen Studio in Collierville, TN. All pens, whether wood, acrylic, composite or other materials are "turned" on a lathe, sanded (usually by up to 20 grades), depending on the material used and then sealed. Next I hand carefully apply coats of finish so each pen looks great and is durable. Next, I carefully re-sand each custom pen with micro-mesh to achieve a polished look to a glass like appearance. Next, liquid polish is applied and most often a special diamond polish is used and then finally, it is finished with museum wax and buffed. There are literally thousands of steps involved to get it right and flawless. 

I want you to get your handcrafted pen and say, "WOW!" I think that is one of the main reasons I have this passion. 

I always strive to make more than just a goal is to create a work of art that will last forever and inspire all who write. I do my best to match the pen quality with customer service quality and delivery quality. I want you as a customer for life.


How is a pen made?

The video below is from the TV show "How It's Made." It will give you a basic idea how to make a handmade pen. The steps involved and methods used in the video vary from the way I personally hand make a pen but you should get the general idea.


Trobee Pens