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Handcrafted black and white rollerball pen


Handcrafted Pen -Smooth Rollerball Black and White Acrylic


Black and White Acrylic Rollerball Pen
Smooth as silk writing experience guaranteed
Come with black leatherette case

Have you ever picked a pen up for the first time and just felt the sturdy feel and knew it was a masterpiece of a solid pen? That's what happened to me upon finishing it from my lathe. This premium pen was handcrafted on my lathe. All the specifications were carefully detailed out and a high gloss finish that has a mirror like shine was polished and buffed in to the acrylic pen body.handmade acrylic writing pen with pen case

The metal parts are a high gloss black enamel which I think looks like a perfect combo for the pen body. It comes with a Schmidt rollerball cartridge, which is one of the makers of the top rollerball cartridges. The main reason is because of the ceramic tip. It is as near to perfectly round as you can get which makes for a writing experience that you are going to love. It just glides across the paper with no effort.

What you'll get
1. The pen.

2.The black leatherette pen case pictured

3.a velvet pen bag (not pictured)

4. A rollerball cartridge

5. Free shipping if in the USA

6. A card of authenticity signed by Mike Trobee

7. My sincere thanks and gratitude for purchasing from our online shop

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