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Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Carbon Fiber Best Gift for Hunter of Gun Enthusiast Gun Metal/Rose Gold


30 Caliber Bolt Action Gun Metal Bullet Pen

30 caliber cartridge and rose gold bullet tip
precision engineered components

Too cool...a high end carbon fiber pen that looks like a 30 cal rifle bullet with bolt action to retract/unretract the ballpoint ink cartridge.

Carbon fiber is a show of strength. It is tough, light, resilient, and rich in character. This fine ballpoint is a custom pen fashioned with high grade seamless carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber is the transmission in this awesome writing pen. The mechanism and internal ballpoint drive system is activated by the "bolt action" of bullet. The clip is a replica of a single action 30 caliber rifle. The metal I chose for the pen is a highly polished Gun Metal.

This handcrafted ballpoint pen is streamlined and polished to a "glass like" surface. It takes "parker" style refills which are easy to fine at virtually any place that sells refills. It is very well balanced so you can have a relaxed writing experience.

1. The pen
2. An ink cartridge in the pen
3. A black velvet pen bag (not pictured)
4. A certificate of authenticity
5. A black "leather like" pen case (pictured)
6. My sincere thanks and appreciation!

Trobee Carbon fiber handmade pens ~ high quality writing pens for the professional
All pens in our shop are professionally made by hand - high quality, fine writing instruments…all pens  are uniquely one of a kind


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