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Carbon Fiber pen for a man, ballpoint with gun metal parts great gift idea


Carbon Fiber ballpoint pen for a man,gun metal parts -makes a great gift idea for a man 

I have been looking for some great pen parts that require a longer section of the pen body to show. There are so many great materials that need to be "shown off" more. I wanted parts that were extremely durable and simple. Simple in design so as not to take away from the look of the pen body but at the same time very high quality. The parts on this pen are exactly what I wanted. parts that are easy to use and will last forever. Also, as important as the exterior is the internal workings. This pen has an awesome "transmission"! To use simply click the end. When you are again. Simple, awesome, flawless, quality, durability are words I can use freely about this pen.

PEN BODY MATERIAL - Seamless Carbon Fiber encased in crystal clear non yellowing pen resin

METAL PARTS USED - Gun metal. A very durable grayish metal that looks....awesome.

The material I choose was carbon fiber surrounded by a tough acrylic finish. The pen blank was hand turned on a lathe to get the perfect shape.
The mechanical parts of the pen were precisely aligned and pressed together. This is a collector’s grade pen that will make an awesome centerpiece to any collection or will be a great gift to someone very special.

In short…it is very high end pen and is very cool.

When you purchase a handmade pen from Trobee Pens My goal is for you to experience a dramatic difference in the quality, precision, aesthetics, value and customer service than you will find anywhere else. I stay mindful of all the latest trends, techniques, and methods to create not only a fine writing instrument but one that become a treasured item for you now and for someone else as it gets passed down in time.

Currently one statistic that makes me extremely grateful and very proud is the extremely high repeat customer rate we have. I welcome you to see my feedback from my current customers. A huge portion of my customers are repeat sales.

I will do my best to have you as a life long customer and not just a one time sale. I welcome any questions about this pen or anything else you may want to know. I appreciate your business greatly. It is a great feeling holding every handmade pen. It is a great feeling too when I get to ship one out to a customer. The best feeling is having a loyal base of repeat customers and referrals.

Here is what is included with this purchase:
1. My sincerely thanks and appreciation for your business
2. The pen pictured (not one like it)
3. A ballpoint cartridge (in the pen pictured)
4. A signed card of handmade authenticity
5. The black pen case pictured
6. I carefully package the box to ship to you

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