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circuit board pen white - ball point in pen case

Trobee Pens

Circuit Board Pen - White - Encased in Crystal Clear Acrylic Stylus on the End


White Circuit Board Pen Encased in Crystal Clear Acrylic to Last Generations


Stylus on the End for Touch Screens  - White color - Twist Style - Sierra Pen - with Clip - Comes with very Nice Black Pen Case


Will Dazzle and Amaze Computer Geeks, Electronic Wiz Kids,
Computer Science Majors and the entire IT staff with this one of a kind circuit board pen

A good solid ballpoint writing pen that will last for generations make by hand by TrobeePens.
The white printed Circuit Board is wrapped around the body of the pen and encased in crystal clear pen resin  ( acrylic)

inside the pen is where the magic is. The "transmission" is heavy duty yet simple. It would be nearly impossible to break. 

Imagine giving this special pen to someone you know that loves computers or electronic.
It is an eye catching and very high quality fine ballpoint pen.
This pen is different than many other "circuit board" pens you may come across.
There are many reasons starting with authenticity. It was expertly handcrafted on 
a lathe using a real circuit board encase in crystal clear high quality pen resin that is 
UV resistant and extremely durable. It is an heirloom pen that can be passed down
 through generations. 
Another difference you will see with this pen (and any of my pens) is a finish that outshines
 any other pen you'll find. I specialize in polishing. There are literally hundreds of steps
 involved in producing a glass like shine. It takes patience and time to produce a
world class shine. I have invested heavily into polishing equipment so you'll have the best.
 I even use a liquid diamond polish from DeBeers to go way beyond what you find on
 an average high quality pen.

✦✦ Soft Touch Heavy Duty Capacitive Stylus ✦✦ 

Not all Stylus tips are the Same! Your New handmade pen comes with a
Soft Touch Heavy Duty Capacitive Stylus. This is the "good" kind that you should want.
A capacitive stylus works in the same way your  finger does, distorting the
screen’s  electrostatic field when it touches it. What is important is that it works
the same way your finger would work.

✦✦✦ Pen Specifications ✦✦✦
Pen Style: Twist style ballpoint
Pen Body Material : Circuit Board
Pen Type: Ballpoint
Comes with Case?: No
Weight: Ounces:
Length:  Inches:
Refill Type: Parker Style
You will get this when you order :

✦ Refills ✦

The ink refill for this pen is called a Parker Style Ink Refill and is available at most office supply stores. Refills are easy to find

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✦ Shipping ✦

I normally ship via USPS (United States Postal Service). Shipping within the USA is FREE with most pens. International shipping outside the US is based on weight, delivery times, and distance. Virtually everyday I get a conversation asking if I can ship UPS or FEDX and can I get the order to them in 2 days or overnight...the answer is Sure! Just let me know prior to checkout what you need and I'll get it done.

✦ Returns/Guarantee ✦

I want to be sure you are thrilled with your Circuit Board Pen.  If for any reason you aren't happy, let's talk, I'll make whatever's wrong right or will always take it back for a full money back guarantee.

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