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Handmade gift pen M3 Metal Very Unique present for a man


Handcrafted Fountain Pen Quality M3
Mokume Pen

This is a top of the line hand crafted fountain pen. It was carefully made by hand with M3 metal and matched with chrome exterior parts (black chrome accents.) The fountain pen pictured is the actual pen for sale. This fountain pen is a one of a kind hand made writing instrument and was made for collectors and pen buyers looking for the absolute best pen. M3 metal pens are among the highest end pens on this site. See below to learn more about M3 metal composite.

The metal used on this fountain pen is M3 metal. The fountain pen body is made with up to 95% of the source metal that has been atomized down to the molecular level and combined with special chemical binders to form a new composite material called M3 (short for "MacroMolecular Metal"). This space-age material is used on the skin of the Space Shuttle, the Stealth Bomber and the International Space Station.

The nib on this fine writing instrument has a medium tip but can be changed to fine on request. The nib is German made and is iridium tipped for smooth writing.

The body of the custom fountain pen is M3 composite metal, which is a fascinating new metal alloy. It used on stealth fighter jets and has many applications in the aerospace industry.


This handcrafted fountain pen comes with:

An ink cartridge (not pictured)

An ink converter (not pictured)

A black velvet pen pouch (not pictured)

About M3 metal:

M3 which is short for Macro Molecular Metal is made up of metal that has been deconstructed to the macro molecular level, re-alloyed and then reconstructed creating a completely new metal composite material. Metal deconstruction requires very specialized equipment that super heats the metal and then shoots it with water, gas or plasma causing it to explode into molecules of specific shape and size. Combining high concentrations of this macro molecular metal with highly refined chemical binders creates a chemical reaction that causes the molecules to cross link forming a new and in many cases superior molecular structure.



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