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Ink Fountain Pen M3 Metal Custom Blue and White Mokume Quality Best Handcrafted gifts for men


M3 Metal Pen Blue and White Mokume Metal Fountain Pen
Superior Quality Fountain Pen
Handcrafted on a lathe
Custom High End Writing Instrument

I specialize in only the finest handcrafted pens. I make each one of my pens by hand on a lathe, spending all the time necessary to make a perfect professional pen. I handcraft pens for those who want nothing but the best.
This handcrafted fountain pen is a great example of a top of the line fountain pen. I used only the best of everything on this pen. It is a Macro Molecular Metal (M3) pen. It features blue and white Mokume Gane M3 metal with Rhodium and hand cast black titanium accents.

Mokume gane is a Japanese term that literally means “wood eye metal.” It is an old method of metalworking that was invented in the 1600s by master metalworker Denbei Shoami and was used to create adornments on the handles and the hilts of katana, the swords used by the samurai class in medieval Japan. Generally speaking Mokume Gane means: wood grained metal.
This high quality fountain pen is the modern version of Mokume Gane. M3 Composite Industries
originally developed M3 metal for the aerospace industry and the US military. By taking source metal and putting it through a gas metal atomizer, it deconstructs the metal to the macro-molecular level. It then is reconstructed and something awesome happens. It makes M3 metal. M3 metal has the following characteristics:

Lighter than the source metal (or metals)
In many cases stronger than the source metal
Surface will patina like source metal
Cut, shape and drill with standard wood grade tooling
Impervious to almost all chemicals
Will not corrode
Holds a gem quality finish without clear coat
M3 with high concentrations of copper are antimicrobial and antifouling
Will not conduct electricity
Allows for the re-alloying of dissimilar metals
Scratch resistant with high polish

It is one of the highest grade materials I use on pens. This handcrafted fountain pen is definitely a high end pen, a pen of showcase quality and a writing instrument that gets attention.

I used extremely high end pen parts to complete the fountain pen. The metal is high quality rhodium plated with hand cast black titanium accents. The fountain pen nib I used is German made and iridium tipped for the best writing experience you can get!

This fountain pen is extremely high quality. It is for a gift for someone extremely special or for a collector.

1. The exact pen pictured
2. An ink converter for use with bottled inks
3. An ink cartridge (not pictured)
4. An Aston leather pen case (pictured)
5. A black velvet bag.
6. A card of authenticity
7. My sincere thanks and appreciation






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