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M3 Metal Handmade Fountain Pen Writing Instrument For Sale


M3 Metal Composite Handmade Fountain Pen

Gunsmoke and Gold


Mokume fine writing instrument
Collector grade handmade fountain pen with awesome steel nib

This pen tops all other pens as a fine writing instrument! It is made with some of the finest pen parts you can buy…anywhere.


What is M3 Metal?

M3 metal pens make the finest and most exquisite custom writing instruments in the world. What is M3 metal? M3 metal is a new breed of composite materials that make everything from the Stealth Bomber to the International Space Station possible. Very simply M3 metal is metal atomized by a plasma beam and reconstructed with 5% resin so the metal can be handcrafted on a lathe. It is expensive material but make a pen that is a work of art. 

Trobee Pens specializes in handmade fountain pens M3 metal pens.
The pen for sale (pictured) is Gunsmoke and Gold. This magnificent custom gold metal re-alloy combined with the deep space sparkle of Gunsmoke Bronze creates a subtle contrast of yellow gold and dark chrome.I polished this handmade fountain pen to an extremely high gem quality shine.

About his Handmade Fountain Pen

This is a top of the line hand crafted fountain pen. It was carefully hand crafted with M3 metal and matched with rhodium and 22kt gold accents. I handmade this fine pen with the best components available. It is classified as an Statesman pen (junior). The 22kt gold accents add to the gold Mokume throughout the fountain pen. The body of the pen was handmade by Mike Trobee on a lathe with carbide tools. This pen has gone through 100’s of steps to achieve a high polish and the perfect appearance. The fountain pen pictured is the actual pen for sale. This fountain pen is a one of a kind hand made writing instrument and was made for collectors and pen buyers looking for the absolute best pen. M3 fountain pens are among the highest end pens on this site.

I ship my pens very fast and are very well packed! See what my satisfied customers have to say! I try my best to ensure you are very happy with your purchases. 


This m3 metal - handmade fountain pen comes with:

An ink cartridge (not pictured)
An ink converter (not pictured)
A black velvet pen pouch (not pictured)


Mokume-Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) is the ancient Japanese metal working technique where layers of contrasting color metals such as copper, brass, nickel silver, gold, and silver are fusion welded with very high heat and pressure into one solid block of metal. This is not traditional Mokume-Gane. It is M3 Mokume-Gane, which is a new composite material made out of contrasting M3 metals which share the visual characteristics and the wood grain of Mokume-Gane.

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