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M3 metal composite fountain pen

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Space age material pen, M3 metal fountain pen, perfect luxury gift idea


Handmade M3 Metal Composite Fountain Pen
High Quality   One of a Kind  Writing Instrument


One of my own "favorite pens" that I keep on my desk is a M3 metal pen very similar to this one. I love to think sometimes as I write that the material in the pen is also used on the International Space Station and Boeing 787's. If you are a pen collector or a serious pen enthusiast, I would highly recommend having at least one M3 metal pen. From my understanding M3 metal is created by atomizing real metal by putting it through a Gas Metal Atomizer that super heats the metal and they shoot it with water, gas or plasma causing it to explode into molecules. Now what is left is an extremely fine metal powder (for lack of a better term). They reconstruct the metal by using resins. They actually do more to reconstruct the metal but they won't say. I guess it is one of those secrets that if they told me they would have to kill me. In any case it is pretty cool stuff. The military uses it, boeing uses it, NASA uses it, ...and now.....Trobee Pens uses it!

I specialize in the hand making of M3 metal pens. Here is a link to see many more:

M3 metal can be shaped by hand on a lathe. I used specialized carbide tools to sculpt the metal to fit the pen parts. I drip/spray a mixture of alcohol on the M3 while at the same time running a vacuum to keep the airflow high. This keeps the temperature cool so the metal doesn't over heat. Once it is shaped, I beginning a fine sanding process. I use specialized Mirka Abranet which is a hi-tech sanding material. After this polishing starts. It is a long process using micro mesh. This get the finish to shine and is where many pen makers stop. I continue with a series of fine metal polishes. This leave the surface...brilliant! Polishing involves 100's of individual steps that take time to do correctly. It requires the right touch and feel.

I matched the blue and grey M3 metal with black titanium coated metal parts. The cap is postable (can screw on either end). The nib is high quality, German made, and iridium tipped for a great writing experience.

1. The exact pen in the pictures with an ink cartridge and an ink converter
2. A black velvet pen bag (not pictured)
3. The pen case (pictured)
4. A card of handmade authenticity
5. A carefully packed box, secured for shipping by me
6. If ordered in the USA...shipping via FedEx (quality shipping)
7. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your purchase. I am one seller that does care sincerely.

I ship my pens very fast and are very well packed! See what my satisfied customers have to say! I try my best to ensure you are very happy with your handmade pen purchases. I would love to have you as one of my awesome customers!

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