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Navy pen handmade rollerball

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US Navy - Rollerball Pen - Gift for someone in the Navy


US Navy Pen - Handmade for Someone Special
Top of the line scrolled US Navy Insignia on a world class rollerball pen
Black Titanium is used on the exterior of the pen

This pen is very different from other "handmade" pens you may find. Here is why:

1. The pen "blank" (the rough pen body prior to working it on a lathe) was hand cast. It actually was double cast. It was made by a CNC machine. A CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) is a mechanical tool that works through computer commands. Literally thousands of lines of code went into just making the pen blank. This was done by the world famous Jeff Powell also known as "The Master Scroller." He has won many awards for his pen work, written magazine articles, has been accepted into the pen makers guild, has won the world scroll saw award, and many other noteworthy accomplishments.

As a pen maker I always try to find the "best of the best" to start with....Jeff Powell is definitely that guy when it come to hand craftmanship on pens. He puts on limited editions of various pen blanks each year and I had the pleasure of getting this one. I believe in value. I bought this pen blank knowing it had a high value attached simply by being made by Jeff Powell. He is awesome!

2. The pen body was double cast by hand. Once the CNC cut the design in the pen, it was then cast again with pure white swirled resin to fill the design. The pen blank is made from a very high grade pen making material called Alumilite (it costs about double the price of "normal resin." The blank is made from a base of a hand poured royal pearl blue and white swirled alumilite resin

3. One I received this wonderful pen blank my goal was to take something very unique and special and handcraft it into something even better.

4. I started by cutting the insignia portion to pre-measured lengths that fit the pen parts I had selected perfectly.

5. The upper and lower pen body was drill precisely on my lathe with carbon drills for a perfect cut.

6. Pure brass pen barrels were secured in the upper and lower parts of the pen and trimmed exactly by the use of a pen mill.

7. The barrels were chamfered and placed on my lathe. With high end carbide tools, I hand shaped the pen, by shaving the surface of the pen very slowly and with a very light touch. I use many tools in the shaping of such a fine pen as this and take time in doing so.

8. Once the basic shape was complete I started sanding the surface with very fine sandpaper. Then again with a finer sandpaper. Then again with a finer sandpaper. The again with an even finer sandpaper.

9. Now wet micro sanding starts. Each polishing pad is held in fresh clear water and then applied to the pens surface. There are at least 9 separate polishing times with each getting finer and finer. At the end you have a very shinny pen body.

10. I don't stop there, I continue to get a superior shine you won't find on many "handmade" pens....anywhere. I use a special liquid polishing treatment and then finally use a lapidary method of using a diamond polish (the diamond dust come from the DeBeers company). This ensures an unmatched shine and a far superior polish to any pen....anywhere.

11. The pen barrels are removed from the lathe and throughly cleaned by hand.

12. I choose black titanium pen parts for this special pen. Black titanium is expensive but it lasts forever. A pen of this caliber may be pasted down the family line and I made this pen with that thought in mind.

13. The rollerball cartridge is made by the world famous Schmidt company. They are world leaders in rollerball technology. The rollerball is ceramic tipped for a very relaxed writing experience. You simply can't get a better rollerball cartridge.

14. I used a pen press to fit the pen body and pen parts together precisely.

15. The pen was checked and rechecked for a perfect balance and perfect presentation.

16. The pen then went into my photo studio to take the pictures you see.

This is a world class custom made by hand, high end writing pen.

If you have any questions please send me a message....I love questions!

1. The exact pen in the pictures
2. A German made, ceramic tipped rollerball ink cartridge in the pen
3. A black velvet pen bag (not pictured)
4. A certificate of authenticity
5. A black pen case (pictured)
6. My sincere thanks and appreciation!

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