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Rollerball Pen M3 Metal
World Class writing pen
Mokume metal Rollerball pen
Desk pen handcrafted

Recently I received this remarkable message from a great customer of mine : "...I also wanted to let you know that I've been spreading out my wife's birthday gifts for the whole week to make things fun. Last night she received the paua pen you made. Needless to say, she was ecstatic. She said "This is a pen for a lifetime!". Just wanted you to hear the fantastic feedback. Thanks for your great work!" ......That my friends is why I make pens. I try my best with every pen I handcraft to make enduring quality
that is unsurpassed by anyone. This M3 Rollerball pen is a prime example of a world class writing instrument.

ABOUT THE M3 Rollerball PEN
This is a top of the line handcrafted Rollerball pen. It is a beautiful professional executive Rollerball pen and was carefully hand crafted with M3 metal and matched with rhodium, platinum, and gold titanium accents. I handmade this fine pen with some of the world's best components available.

The gold titanium accents on the cap (center band) as well as the end piece.,were carefully hand cast. The body of the pen was handmade by Mike Trobee on a lathe using just the right touch with carbide tools. This Rollerball pen has gone through 100’s of steps to achieve a high polish and the perfect appearance. It is truly a delight for the eyes.
This Rollerball pen is a one of a kind hand made writing instrument and was made for collectors, professionals, and pen buyers looking for the absolute best Rollerball pen. M3 Rollerball pens are among the highest end pens on this site or anywhere. See below to learn more about M3 metal composite.

I ship my pens very fast and they are very well packed! See what my satisfied customers have to say! I try my best to ensure you are very happy with your purchases. I would love to have you as one of my awesome customers!

The rollerball cartridge on this M3 Rollerball pen is high quality and is German made and ceramic tipped for world class writing.

The body of the custom Rollerball pen is M3 composite metal, which is the latest innovation from M3 Composite Industries. It is a custom designed new metal alloy. M3 composite metal is used on stealth fighter jets and has many applications in the aerospace industry. This M3 metal uses a custom silver metal alloy, which is referred to as “Gunsmoke”. This gold/gray metal exhibits some of M3’s remarkable color changing properties and will look like very bright in direct light and opaque white in indirect light.

This handcrafted M3 Rollerball pen comes with:
An ink cartridge (pictured in pen)
A black velvet pen pouch (pictured)
An Aston leather pen case (pictured)
A carefully packed box (packed by me)
FedEx shipping if ordered in the USA
A signed card of handmade authenticity
and lastly my sincere appreciation for shopping here. I make finely crafted pens for repeat sales, not for a one time sale. I have business relationships all over the world now by offering a great pen, honesty, value, fast shipping, and customer service as it should be...for YOU!

M3 which is short for Macro Molecular Metal is made up of metal that has been deconstructed to the macro molecular level, re-alloyed and then reconstructed creating a completely new metal composite material. Metal deconstruction requires very specialized equipment that super heats the metal and then shoots it with water, gas or plasma causing it to explode into molecules of specific shape and size. Combining high concentrations of this macro molecular metal with highly refined chemical binders creates a chemical reaction that causes the molecules to crosslink forming a new and in many cases superior molecular structure.

One of the many unique characteristics of M3 metal is that it is electronically depleted and will not cause electrolysis within its own structure. This means that new combinations of metals, even those combining dissimilar metals are now possible. Scientists and engineers can now create lightweight metal composites that combine the properties of many metals whether they are compatible or not. The founders of M3ci discovered that this technology allowed them to modernize the ancient Japanese art of "Mokume Gane" (which means "wood grained metal") as well as "Damascus Steel". Beautiful “M3 Mokume Gane” , “M3 Damascus Steel” and exotic pattern metals of unlimited combinations are not only possible, but financially viable as the M3 process is much more cost effective than traditional “Mokume” methods.

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