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Pen : Top of the line one of a kind M3 metal composite professional rollerball


World Class professional M3 Cobaltium fine rollerball

Ceramic tipped

Black Titanium accents (hand cast center band)
Rhodium coated exterior
Two outstanding pen cases

M3 composite metal makes the finest and most exquisite custom writing instruments made anywhere. This outstanding rollerball pen is much different than other "handmade pens" you may see online. It is a one of a kind pen made of a literally space age material. It is approximately 95% metal. M3 metal is made by atomizing real metal by putting it through a Gas Metal Atomizer that super heats the metal and then shoots it with water, gas or plasma causing it to explode into molecules. It then is reformed by heat, pressure and an exothermic reaction that creates a new metal. m3 was originally developed for aerospace industry and the US military. It now can be purchased by anyone.

The M3 metal used in the making of this pen is cobaltium. Cobaltium is is the first true blue M3 metal. It is made by applying a process to pure aluminum and other natural elements producing a completely new form of blue aluminum with a unique molecular structure. This new M3 Cobaltium will literally last forever where regular aluminum will ultimately oxidize and corrode over time. The new molecular structure allows for an increased strength to weight ratio with enhanced surface characteristics.

M3 metal can be shaped by hand on a lathe. I specialize in high end professional writing pens and M3 is a wonder to work with on a lathe. I used specialized carbide tools to sculpt the metal to fit the pen parts. I drip/spray a mixture of alcohol on the M3 while at the same time running a vacuum to keep the airflow high. This keeps the temperature cool so the metal doesn't over heat. Once it is shaped, I beginning a fine sanding process. I use specialized Mirka Abranet which is a hi-tech sanding material. After this polishing starts. It is a long process using micro mesh. This get the finish to shine and is where many pen makers stop. I continue with a series of fine metal polishes. This leave the surface...brilliant! Polishing involves 100's of individual steps that take time to do correctly. It requires the right touch and feel.

I used some of the best grade pen parts available to make this pen truly a work of art. The exterior is rhodium coated (member of the platinum group), and the center band is hand cast with black titanium. The rollerball cartridge is German made and ceramic tipped for an incredible writing experience. This is a pen you can enjoy for a lifetime and then past it down for the next generation. It is definitely heirloom quality. Take a look through all the photos and if you have any questions at all....please ask and I will respond in a timely manner.

I have included 2 pen cases with this world class rollerball. The first is a high end solid bubinga wood pen case/box and the second is a black fine Aston leather pen sleeve.

1. The exact pen in the pictures with a ceramic tipped cartridge (in the pen)
2. A black velvet pen bag (not pictured)
3. The pen case (pictured) and the Aston leather pen sleeve (pictured)
4. A card of handmade authenticity
5. A carefully packed box, secured for shipping by me
6. If ordered in the USA...shipping is free!
7. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your purchase. I am one seller that does care sincerely.

I ship my pens very fast and are very well packed! See what my satisfied customers have to say! I try my best to ensure you are very happy with your handmade pen purchases. I would love to have you as one of my awesome customers!

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