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handmade rattlesnake rollerball pen

Trobee Pens

Real Rattlesnake skin pen handmade rollerball, high quality hand made roller style by Trobee Pens on a lathe


Handmade Rattlesnake Pen - Rollerballrattlesnake

High Quality Handcrafted Rattlesnake Writing Instrument  Rhodium ~ 22kt Gold Titanium

Hand cast metal accents

Handcrafted Rollerball Pen specialize in the making of fine Rattlesnake skin pens., I am glad you are here...thank you.

This handmade Rollerball pen is one of the highest quality writing instruments for sale….anywhere. Real Prairie Rattlesnake skin was laid down on the pen barrels and secured. They were cast in a gem resin that is extremely durable and magnifies the beauty of the rattlesnake skin. The pen barrels were then placed on a lathe and, by hand, shaped to a perfect balance and look. A lot of work went into the making of this fine Rollerball pen.

Next the pen barrels went through a 20 step process of micro polishing to get a glass like surface on the pen. I specialize in fine polishing of pens. The finished pen barrels have a superior shine and the tough acrylic surrounding the snakeskin will last for generations. It is the perfect pen to be passed down for many lifetimes.

I used only the best pen components to finish this fine Rollerball pen. This pen is unlike most of the “handmade” pens you may find on similar sites. The outer pen parts are rhodium plated for extremely long durability. The accents on this pen for sale are hand cast in 22kt Gold Titanium for great looks and long lasting wear. This is a world class Rollerball pen. The rollerball is German made and ceramic tipped for very smooth writing. You will be pressed to find a better made Rollerball pen…anywhere.... at any price.

1. The exact pen in the pictures
2. An ink cartridge in the pen (ceramic tipped rollerball)
3. A black pens case
4. A black velvet pen bag
5. A certificate of authenticity
6. My sincere thanks and appreciation!


About Trobee Fine Handmade Pens

Every ink pen I make is handmade with the utmost care. Most people that purchase my pens are professional people….attorneys, doctors, salespeople, business owners, etc. I sell also to many pen collectors and people just wanting a pen that stands out from the rest of the pack too. My repurchase rate is extremely high. I hope that says a lot about the quality of collectable pens I offer.

I have a passion for handcrafting the perfect pen. Whether a Rollerball pen, fountain pen or ballpoint pen, I only make top of the line high quality pens for writing. The pen parts I use are worthy of fine writing instruments that are meant to be passed down through out the generations. All the pens I handcraft are handmade on my lathe in my pen studio. Most pens I make take days to make and I spare no expense in making it the best handmade pen you can buy…anywhere.

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