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Why are Trobee Pens different   Carbon fiber, platinum, black titanium

Trobee Pens

Why are Trobee Pens different Carbon fiber, platinum, black titanium


Carbon Fiber and Platinum and Black Titanium Pen ( Ballpoint )
Custom made writing pen for men
Polished Platinum and Black Titanium carbon fibere

I specialize it carbon fiber pens. Here is a link to all the carbon fiber pens I currently offer:

There literally hundreds of places to buy "pen parts" for making handmade pens. Quality is a passion of mine. Many of my pens at cost...cost twenty or thirty times what some of the pen makers pen parts cost. My sole goal is to produce a writing instrument that is in the same league as Mont Blanc, Visconti, Waterman, Delta, Cross, etc.. I would like to think the value of mine is better because it is handcrafted. I strive to use the high quality materials, tools, equipment, and everything else that goes along with producing a pen that makes people say, "WOW!"

Carbon fiber is a show of strength. It is tough, light, resilient, and rich in character. This fine ballpoint is a custom pen fashioned with high grade seamless carbon fiber. Not only is the carbon fiber is the transmission in this awesome writing pen. The twist mechanism and internal ballpoint drive system is top of the line. The metal I chose for the pen is rich Polished Platinum and Black Titanium accented with durable black enamel.

This handcrafted ballpoint pen is streamlined and polished to a "glass like" surface. It takes "parker" style refills which are easy to fine at virtually any place that sells refills. It is very well balanced so you can have a relaxed writing experience.

This is a world class pen and is a one of a kind premium quality writing instrument. This is a great pen that can be passed down through the generations. It will definitely make a great conversation piece as well as your new favorite pen!

Trobee Carbon fiber handmade pens ~ high quality writing pens for the professional

I included an extra goody with this pen too. It is an black leatherette pen case . With the purchase of this is free. : )

What you will get with this purchase:

1. My sincerely thanks and appreciation for your business
2. The pen pictured (not one like it)
3. A ballpoint cartridge (in the pen pictured)
4. The black pen case pictured
5. A signed card of handmade authenticity
6. I carefully package the box to ship to you
7. If you are in the USA...I normally use FedX

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