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hand made wood fountain pen Buckeye Burl Wood

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Wood Fountain Pen Featuring Blue Dyed Buckeye Burl


Wood Fountain Pen Featuring Blue Dyed Buckeye Burl 

This exact pen is available in either a fountain pen or rollerball pen style
Rhodium and Black Titanium Metal
Handmade on a lathe by Mike Trobee
Hand cast center band in black titanium
Pen case included

I specialize in the making of fine wooden pens. 

This rare handmade one of a kind pen is made of a beautiful select grade Buckeye Burl Wood which has been double dyed and stabilized . I used only the best of everything available to create a pen masterpiece. This pen is available in either a rollerball style or a fountain pen style. I can easily change out the front end to accommodate you.

I (Mike Trobee) shaped the blank with specialized tools. The result was an almost complete pen body. I then sanded the blank to match exact specifications for extremely superior pen parts. I applied a burl enhancer and a special oil to the wood to make the colors "pop." Next I applied many layers of finish. The finish is a polymeric resin designed to be tough and crystal clear. I then wet polished the pink pen body in a multi step process by hand. Next, liquid polish was applied by hand to get a glass like surface. Finally I used diamond powder polish to achieve a polish that you don't see on other pens. The end result is a finish that has a wet look...a glass shine shine.

The pen for sale in the pictures is a top notch, high end iridium tipped pen. This is a special pen. The outer pen parts are Black Titanium. Black Titanium has wear ratings far better than virtually any other metals. This means that the metal on the pen you buy today, with normal use should be in great condition 100's of years from now.

Every single pen on this site is handmade by me (Mike Trobee) in my Pen Studio. I have many people ask, "What do you mean, you hand-make them?" I bring them into the materials room and show them my inventory of wood, carbon fiber, feathers, acrylics, and much more. I bring them to the casting room where I do much of my own resin casting (mixing, pigmenting, pouring, vacuum chamber, curing, etc.) . I bring them to the equipment room and show them the drill press, bandsaws, table saw, scroll saw, tools, drills, and the lathe. I basically explain that I start from scratch with a raw material cut it, trim it, drill it, and put it on my lathe and really hand shape, sculpt, sand, micro sand, finish, polish, wax, and buff the material...all by hand. Then I use a pen press to secure all the parts. I test the pens I make to make sure everything is perfect. I hand align the tines with fountain pens. They usually say, "Whoa! I had no idea you did all that!!!" I love it when they fully understand these pens are all one of a kind, custom, fine works of extremely functional art that take hours, days, weeks to make.

The CEOs of many world wide corporations use my pens, as well as doctors, attorneys, and many high level positions. I hope the reasons for this is they know they have the best value and a custom, one of a kind hand made pen that is quality driven.

1. The exact pen in the pictures with a cartridge (in the pen)
2. A black velvet pen bag (not pictured)
3. A pen case/box (pictured)
4. A card of handmade authenticity
5. A carefully packed box, secured for shipping by me
6. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your purchase. I am one seller that does care sincerely.

I appreciate your looking at this or any of my work. There are many people selling handcrafted pens and I welcome the opportunity to have you as a customer. My goal is to provide the best of the best and I thank you very much for looking at my pens. : )
Currently one statistic that makes me extremely grateful and very proud is the extremely high repeat customer rate we have. I welcome you to see my feedback from my current customers. A huge portion of my customers are repeat sales.

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